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How to submit

This page contains further guidance to facilitate the CBM report preparation and submission. The annual deadline for CBM submissions is 15 April. A quick guide and the links for submitting a filled out form can be found below. For more detailed guidence and support as well as the report templates required you can use the link on the right.Submit report

Obtaining the forms

The blank CBM forms, in each of the six official languages, can be downloaded here, in the right section at the CBM section of the Biological Weapons Convention website. The forms are also reproduced in section V of the CBM guide (page 6).

CBM Guide


Filling out the form

The CBMs report consist of six measures or forms
  • CBM A
    Part 1: Exchange of data on research centres and laboratoriesPart 2: Exchange of information on national biological defence research and development programmes
  • CBM B
    Exchange of information on outbreaks of infectious diseases and similar occurrences caused by toxins
  • CBM C
    Encouragement of publication of results and promotion of use of knowledge
  • CBM E
    Declaration of legislation, regulations and other measures
  • CBM F
    Declaration of past activities in offensive and/or defensive biological research and development programmes
  • CBM G
    Declaration of vaccine production facilities
In addition to these six forms, there is also a cover page declaration, sometimes referred as “Form 0”. This contains a list of the CBMs with a choice of answers for each measure: “Nothing to declare” or “Nothing new to declare” and asks for the “Year of last declaration if nothing new to declare”. It also requires details of the submitting State Party, including the National Point of Contact. All CBMs received since 1987 are available to all States Parties on the eCBM platform. States Parties have the option to make their CBM submissions either publicly available or restricted to other States Parties only. States Parties are requested to inform the ISU about their choice when submitting their CBMs.

Submitting the CBM report

CBMs should be submitted to the BWC Implementation Support Unit, in the Geneva Branch of the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs. You are encouraged to submit your CBM return electronically (as PDF document) through the button below. States Parties requiring log-in credentials for the electronic CBM platform are kindly requested to send the list of representatives (incl. their mail addresses) requiring credentials to the ISU via a Note Verbale. Each registered representative will subsequently be provided with individualized log-in credentials.Submit report
An electronic document (e.g. Microsoft Word or PDF document) can be sent to bwc@un.org.
All e-mail submissions will be acknowledged.
A hard copy of the CBM report with a note verbale as the cover can be sent to the following address:BWC Implementation Support Unit
Office for Disarmament Affairs (Geneva Branch)
Palais des Nations 1211
Geneva 10 Switzerland


The annual deadline for CBM submissions is 15 April. The information provided should cover the previous calendar year (for example, a CBM covering data for the calendar year 2023 needed to be submitted no later than 15 April 2024). This deadline should be met whenever possible. Nevertheless, you can, if absolutely necessary, submit your CBM at any time, even after the deadline. Making a late submission is much better than failing to make a submission at all.
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